img_5228Artist: Kathrin Geller lives and works on the Schlei.

Characteristics: High- quality, luxurious colours to the processing of precious metals, such as gold or precious stones, abstract structure lines, sun – like and radially powerful expression through the round Feng- Shui like form of the works.

Formats: Primarily medium and large formatted round pictures.

Enrich my expressive images! Conference rooms, hotel rooms, office, as well corridors. Foyers, reception halls or living areas.
Also the place where you spend so much time will affect you positively and make you feel pleasant. Share this refreshing ambience and feeling with your customers or guests.
I would be happy to advice you by Whatsapp telephone, online or even for projects at a personal expense on site.

I really look forward to meeting you!

Sincerely, Yours Kathrin Geller